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 .RaF| Rules (in game)

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Clan Leader
Clan Leader

Posts : 594
Join date : 2009-09-21
Age : 23
Location : The Netherlands! - Breda

PostSubject: .RaF| Rules (in game)   Mon 21 Sep 2009 - 14:21

RaF Rules. ©

Red Army Force.

1.Disrespecting or Swearing.

We dont want disrespecting in our clan.
Swearing, namecalling and others even not.
It's not allowed.

The warns going as following:

*2-4 Warns. (when he disrespect a guy with c*ncer 2 warns with noob like 4 warns)
*Mute 60 seconds.
*Mute 240 seconds. (say next time is kick)
*Ban for 1 day.

2.Cheating, Botting , Wallhacking etc.

All these things are not allowed.

The warns going as following:

*Warn one time.
*Ban 5-10 days.
*Ban permanently.


We won't have spammers on our server.
Even not on our forum.

The warns going as following:

*3-5 Warns.
*Mute 60 seconds.
*Mute 120 seconds.
*Mute 360 seconds.


Walljumping is when you jump over a wall which you have to blow up first for example. (Oasis)
You are not allowed to walljump, no matter which class you are.

The warns going as following:

*Splat and warn.
*Splat and give a harsher warn.
*Splat, disorient for 15-30 seconds, say next time is kick. (never forget to orient again)
*If the player comes back and still keeps walljumping, ban 90 minutes.


People without a guid are allowed to play in RaF Servers. (PunkerBuster off)
When people have no guid, say: {name}, your punkbuster is disabled; your xp won't save and i can't set your level.
Fix it or get no admin. (Just say it a few times and pm him.)

7. Teampushing & Teamposion.

Team pushing and Teamposion are not allowed.
When someone stands in your way just ask him to move or use vsay command ''move!''. (v32)

The warns going as following:

*Warn him 2-3 times.
*Splat or disorient him. (for 30-60 seconds.)

8. Spawnkilling

Spawnkilling is not allowed
Because you won't have time to get out of your spam.

The warns going as following:

*Warn again and tell him if he go on you will use punishments.
*!splat or !disorient the spawnkiller and tell him to stop (if you do !disorient do !orient after he's alive again)
*!kick Spawnkiller to much spawnkilling

Rules for Members:


When you use the command ''!finger'', you have to use the slot's.
Instead of names.
Because like this the people won't notice that your watching them.
And some people dont know what it means.


Before you gonna kick someone, say by the last warn next time is kick!
Warn them for kick to.
And give a reason by a kick!


''!kick nightfire no walljumping, it was your last warn.''

3.Admin Asking.

Adminasking is not allowed or you have to got a very good reason.

©Dangerous, Job van Dael.

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Clan Leader
Clan Leader

Posts : 594
Join date : 2009-09-21
Age : 23
Location : The Netherlands! - Breda

PostSubject: Re: .RaF| Rules (in game)   Sun 25 Oct 2009 - 7:41

If you do know more good rules, contact me or pm me.

Click on ''my sexy profile'' in my signature for more information.


Click here for my sexy profile
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.RaF| Rules (in game)
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