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 .RaF| Official Promotion Rules

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Official Clan Adviser
Official Clan Adviser

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PostSubject: .RaF| Official Promotion Rules   Fri 20 Apr 2012 - 12:30

RaF Promotion Rules. ©
Red Army Force.

Which admins can promote which ranks?

The following ranks can promote people:

- Recruiters (Level 60)

- Co-Leaders (Level 60, Level 70 and Level 80 with permission from the Clan Adviser)

- Leaders (Level 60, Level 70, and and Levels 80, 90, 110, 120 and 140 with permission from the Clan Adviser)

- FACP (Level 60, Level 70, and Levels 80 and 90, 110, 120 and 140 with permission from the Clan Adviser)

- AAT (Level 60 , Level 70, and Levels 80, 90, 110, 120 and 140 with the permission from the Clan Adviser. They also do not require permission to demote any rank which is below AAT.)

- Owner (Level 60, Level 70, and Levels 80 and 90, 110, 120 and 140 with permission from the Clan Adviser)

Level Promotion rules.

Level 70:
For a member to get a promotion from Level 60 to 70, they only have to be active for one week.
(Also able to get a promotion to 70 from AotM).

Level 80:
For a member to get a promotion from Level 70 to 80, they have to be active for a whole 2 or 3 weeks - not only in game, but also on the forum.
This also depends on how active a member is, the more active they are, the faster they earn the promotion, Also if the member has shown qualities of being a good admin already, then the length of the time for the promotion promotion will be reduced.
(Also able to get a promotion to 80 from AotM).

Level 90:
For a member to get a promotion from Level 80 to 90, they have to be active on the forum and in-game for another 3 weeks.
They need to also know the standard commands, such as !listplayers and !finger. They will be tested by the Anti Abuse Team, who will decide whether they know their commands well enough, and only then, will they get their promotion.
(Also able to get a promotion to 90 from AotM).

Level 110:
For a member to get a promotion from Level 90 to 110, they need to know every useful command, so they can then use them in situations where there is a rude visitor, a rule breaking member, a hacker or a visitor who continues to speak a language other than English in main chat. These commands are: !finger, !mute, !kick, !ban, !userlist and even /autoscreenshot. In terms of how active they are, they need to have been rank 90 for a further month, very active in game and on the forum as well.
To the admins who want to promote Crew Members to this rank, you need to be sure that they can handle it, so they must be tested not once, but a few times. This job will be assigned to the Anti Abuse Team.
(Also able to get a rare promotion to 110 from AotM).

Level 120:
For a member to pass their Trial Recruiter period, the Anti Abuse Team, the Clan Adviser or the Clan Leader will go undercover to look at their behaviour.
Just remember that when you're undercover, even though you can break rules, there is no need to break every rule.
Remember, the people you go undercover on may become upset by your actions.

To the Anti Abuse Team, when you are undercover, you need to take screenshots as proof to show everyone what the member's behaviour was like (without other admins online, so we can see how they react).
These screenshots should be sent to the Clan Adviser, so please don't bother the Clan Leader or Founding Fathers with them! And the Clan Adviser will then discuss with the Clan Leader and Founding Fathers whether they should be promoted.
(You're not able to get promoted from AotM to 120).

Level 140:
A Recruiter can only be promoted to the Co-Server Leader rank through two ways:

Reason 1: Trust. The Recruiter needs to have the trust of the entire Moderating Team. They will decide whether or not a member can handle the Server Co-Leader status. Without the trust, they cannot be promoted. Simple as.

Reason 2: Admin skills in game. The Recruiter needs to know every command in-game, they need to show that they can handle problems, so members feel confident about him/her when it comes to leading them.

The time a member who has been in the clan is irrelevant here. It doesn't matter at all. But what does matter, is being skilled and fully trusted by the Moderating Team. That the only thing that matters when it comes to promoting a Recruiter to the Server Co-Leader rank.
(You're not able to get promoted from AotM to 140).

Level 150:The Server Co-Leader needs to get trusted not only by the Moderating Team, but also by his own mentor.
His mentor is the person that has the status of Server Leader at his domain.

To be able to be promoted to 150, the Server Leader needs to be able to handle to teach his own Server Co-Leader, in this way they get trained before they are actually getting promoted, not only does this save us time, but also they become trained in their job, they've gained a lot experience of handling the server and getting to know members before they have actually been promoted.
(You're not able to get promoted from AotM to 150).

Level 200 and above:
These ranks are awarded by the Clan Adviser, Clan Leader and Founding Fathers. They will agree on who should be able to handle such a status. Not only do they need to know every command in-game, they also need to get the trust of the entire Moderating Team.
To get into the Moderating Team, you need to be able to speak English very well, with proper behaviour.
(You're not able to get promoted from AotM to 200 and above).

Final description:

If you promote someone without discussing then you have to post it on the forum right away, like you have to do on every promotion.
If something goes wrong in any situation, then the fault is of the admin who promoted the member.
If something would go wrong, then it will be discussed by the Admin and the Clan Adviser.
Nobody else will discuss the mistake with the Admin, except the Clan Leader and Founding Fathers (if it is a really big mistake.)

If you promote someone on which you need permission on, you will have to ask the Clan Adviser first.
When you have permission, you post the promotion on the forum, and include that the Clan Adviser gave you permission.

The Clan Adviser will only approve promotions which include proof of a member's behaviour! (Screenshots or videos)
Proof is essential!

If you think your promotion to the next rank is taking too long, then feel free to to ask an Administrator to look into it.

Gandalf, Official Clan Adviser.

Proud Member since 2010-04-25

Frodo: I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.
Gandalf:So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
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.RaF| Official Promotion Rules
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