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 .RaF| TrickJump Rules

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Dark Fox
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PostSubject: .RaF| TrickJump Rules   Wed 16 Feb 2011 - 8:36

RaF TrickJump Rules. ©

Red Army Force.

These are STRICT rules, that must mpt be broken ever:

-No killing (NO KILLING means NO KILLING, so even if you both want to kill each other, you must not kill.)
1. Kill = Warn.
2. Kill = Splat.
3. Kill = Kick.
We won't hesitate to ban for more kills.

Never shoot at people or throw knives on them, it can kill them or disturb them whilst jumping.

-No Cheating
-No Hacking
Both will be punished with a ban!

-Don't push anyone. It's annoying and it prevents players from trickjumping.
If you throw a grenade at somebody, this counts as the same as pushing.
1. Push = Warn
2. Push = Harsher warn and splat
3. Push = Disorient and threaten with a kick(Don't forget to orient again)
4. Push = Kick

-Don't block by stopping on midway. Leave the jump immediately after you failed.
If you block people purposely you will get punished harshly:

1. Block with purpose = Warn and splat
2. Block with purpose = Harsh warn and disorient (Don't forget to orient again!)
3. Block with purpose = Kick
We won't hesitate banning you after more warns!

-No !throw, !launch or !revive command on objective maps like "Antarctica" and so on. Doesn't matter what rank you are!
1. Unallowed command = Warn
2. Unallowed command = Harsher warn
3. Unallowed command = Disorient for 30 seconds
4. Unallowed command = Disorient for 60 seconds (threat a kick)
5. Unallowed command = Kick
Further cases of these might be worth a ban!

-Like on every server, don't be rude or offensive. Insults, offences, swearing and rude behaviour will be punished!
1. Misbehaviour = Warn
2. Misbehaviour = Mute for 60 seconds
3. Misbehaviour = Mute for 120 seconds, threat with kick
4. Misbehaviour = Kick
We won't hesitate to ban you after further misbehaviors.

-No specsaving!(Only allowed if the other person agrees with it, and no specsaving to objective!)
1. Specsaving = Warn and splat
2. Specsaving = Harsher warn and splat, say next time kick
3. Specsaving = Kick
We won't hesitate to ban you if you keep specsaving!

If you want to punish a high admin with a higher level than yours, make SCREENSHOTS, and report him on REPORTING AREA on the forum. Thats the only way to punish higher admins!

© Red Army Force Clan.
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.RaF| TrickJump Rules
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